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OG Instagram

OG Instagram is a social media application and it is original version of Instagram. Like other social media application it is most popular among the people in the whole world now-a-days. It is an amazing app and you can share your photos, see the other photos and also like and follow the other special persons. This version of Instagram is much better and reliable then others and it also has additional features so you can download and use it directly by searching from any search engine such as google or chrome. Further you can also download it from our website. You can use it on multiple accounts by verification and registration procedure.

App Name OG Instagram
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 300,000+
App size 25.3MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Extra Features
Last Updated 1 day ago

What is OG Instagram?

OG Instagram is a social media platform from there you can see the multiple people and their pictures and you can share your memories and videos and also follow others and other people can also follow you. This is a public platform and here you can get the information about every person of any category by following them. So it is really a nice and popular application and you can use it easily on your cell phone by downloading it. It is totally free platform and its basic purpose is to entertain the social media users.

Major features of OG Instagram

Major features of OG Instagram

Link sharing option

Link sharing option

When you watch any video or other useful information or any kind of interesting photos then you can share these things to your friends and family members by sharing the link of it. When you your receiver press the link then he/she directly sees this post on this app. This is really nice option.

IGTV Video Download

IGTV Video Download

This service is really amazing and extraordinary because you can watch long size videos easily without any distraction. In other version you cannot watch long description easily but on this platform the extra thing is that you can also download it and save it fastly. This option is new and other versions don’t have this service.

Option to share story with Facebook and Whatsapp

Option to share story with Facebook and Whatsapp

When you post any memory and status then it is also a option to share directly this post to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp. In this way you can enjoy the extra optional service of this app.

Translate the any post in your own language

You know that this is an international platform where you can share your can see the other communities and follow them and there is an option to translate the other languages so that you could enjoy the other community posts.

Download the images and media files

When you see any post then you can download both media files and images and also store them in your storage area. This is cool feature and it is mostly useful for informative people. You can enjoy this service on this platform.

Ability to login and logout for multiple accounts

When sometimes people use more than one Instagram for business and other purposes so this social media application has an ability to provide multiple account service to its users. You can use one account once and then you can logout from this account and use other account directly so this is golden and unique quality of this app.

Rotate and zoom the profile picture

Many other versions of Instagram usually lack this service but on this platform you can share rotate and zoom the profile picture of anyone easily.

Option to pinned the specific post and video

There is an option available for you and by using this option you can pin easily the other posts and videos which you like and in leisure time you can watch these videos and posts comfortably.

Some additional features

  • Copy the link and other post information
  • Share your ideas and feelings to ay post
  • Ability to hide unknown and useless posts
  • Tag friends with your posts and videos & photos
  • Ability to update your profile automatically
  • Notification for new posts
  • Delete and remove the waste posts
  • Easy to share your memories and ideas to other community

FAQs ( Frequently asked questions)

Is OG instagram a local app?

OG Instagram is actually a an official version of Instagram and it is made by third party person. It works like other official versions but it has some extra ordinary features which makes it unique and good.

Can I use OG Instagram without registration and verification?

Actually it needs your personal number for registration and verification and after your verification of your personal number you can use it easily. You can a

OG Instagram FAQs

Is OG Instagram safe to use?

Using a modified version of an app like OG Instagram can potentially put your personal information at risk and violate the terms of service of the original app. It is recommended to use official versions of apps whenever possible.

Can I download photos and videos with OG Instagram?

Yes, OG Instagram allows users to download photos and videos from Instagram directly to their device.

Does OG Instagram have ads?

No, OG Instagram is ad-free, unlike the official Instagram app.

How can I switch between multiple accounts on OG Instagram?

Users can switch between multiple accounts on OG Instagram without logging out and logging back in.

Can I customize the appearance of OG Instagram?

Yes, OG Instagram offers customization options like different themes and colors.

Does OG Instagram have a built-in translator?

Yes, the app has a built-in translator that can translate comments and captions into different languages.

lso verify your account by registration of your Gmail with it.

After creating new account can I restore my backup data and information?

Yes you can also restore and backup your data and information after creating new account on this platform because this app has an ability to restore your data and information.


In conclusion, after discussing the overall information of OG Instagram I hope that you are able to differentiate between OG and other Instagram. If you have to face further problem then you can also visit our website from there you can also gain additional information and guidance about it and download it easily. Now it has new updated version available on our website and you can enjoy this new updated version of it.

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