Instagram Plus APK Latest 2022 Download with Extra Features

There is no doubt that today many social media applications are available for their users there is huge competition among these social media apps. Instagram is also one of the major platform for social media in the whole world. But the users of instagram demands unique and extraordinary features which could fulfill their desires. Instagram plus APK is original version and it has all those unique features which every users demand. This is latest and new updated version and you can download it from any search engine such as google or play store. Further, you can also download it from our website easily. Its service is much faster, secure and reliable as compared to the other versions.

App Name Instagram plus APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 5000,00+
App size 38.8MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Instgram Extra Features
Last Updated 1 day ago

About Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus APK is an official social media application and modified version of Instagram. Due to its unique and amazing features it is much popular among the people. Like other social media apps it is major source of entertainment and it is made by third party person. So some of its functions and setting is much different then other normal software application.

New Features in instagram Plus APK

This social media app is totally different from others both in functions and privacy. It has its own separate portion of privacy. It offers following new privacy qualities which are totally absent in others.

  • Hide view status of others
  • Pin the favorite posts and videos
  • Tag the multiple friends on individual post
  • Add more than 30 stories at a time
  • Hide the online status from others
  • Mention all friends at a time once

Features of Instagram Plus APK

Download and save videos into the gallery directly

Download and save videos into the gallery directly

When you see any post or video and other kind of important images then you can directly download and save them into your gallery and this is most amazing and new option in the setting of this app.

Ability to every language comments

Ability to every language comments

You know this thing that instagram is a large platform for different communities of various nations and languages. When you see the different posts then some of post may be in other language that you cannot understand but here is an option for translator by using it you can immediately change this language of message into your own language and can read it easily. The other instagram versions lack this feature but Instagram Plus APK has this feature for its users.

Different amazing themes

Different amazing themes

Many users want to use their instagram accounts according to their choice and mood. Many versions lack this feature but this version has this ability, you can set up any kind of theme and color according to your choice and requirements. Many colors and styles of themes are available for their users. So their users can enjoy this service easily.

Zoom the profile picture of anyone

Zoom the profile picture of anyone

Sometimes, you want to look the someone’s profile picture clearly but you cannot zoom it. But this app has this ability to zoom the profile picture of anyone. You can also save and share this profile picture and zoom it to any angle.

Copy the comment and anyone’s bio

Copy the comment and anyone’s bio

When you read anyone’s message or comment then you can also copy it and additional characteristics is that you can also copy the bio of any person easily. Many users of  it like its service.

Notification for new coming message

Notification for new coming message

When any new message or post is shared by your community then it gives you update in the form of notification and this is very good and nice feature. Other apps usually lack this notification option for new updates.

  • Login or logout for multiple accounts
  • Share your feelings and expression by your post
  • Option to restore and update the information
  • Totally safe from viruses and malwares or bugs
  • Strong security with help of password setting

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is Instagram Plus APK better than other versions?

Actually, it is made by third party developer so it has totally new features and it is an official version of instagram so you will find its service much better than others after using it.

Can Instagram Plus APK damage our device during download?

You know that it is made by third party persons so they often make the process during downloading safe and secure. But sometimes, due to some other bugs or malware your can be damaged. So it is your own choice to download it but this version tries to protect your device from damaging.

Is Instagram Plus APK cost free platform?

This app works like other applications and it is available on search engine like chrome, Tore Browser, Bing, Google and Mozilla fire fox. You can download this version from them or you can directly download this version from our website. Its service is totally free of cost and you can enjoy it using internet data.

Can Instagram Plus APK work without registration and verification?

It requires your personal number for verification and registration of account. Without these procedure you cannot use this application and you also need your personal email account for complete verification of your account.

How to Install the Instagram

  1. Then, Install the Instagram Plus APK in your android device which you downloaded before from the above-mentioned link.
  2. Uninstall the Instagram from your Android device by following the simple steps. Settings -apps- Instagram- Uninstall.
  3. After installation, you have to go through with the simple automatic process that enters your login details.


In conclusion, after brief discussion I hope that you have understood the main distinct features of this app and if you need more information about this version then you need to download this original version and its developer are continuously improving its performance and privacy policy. In short, due to its extraordinary service and qualities it has become popular in the world among the users. Its users are now in the millions.

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