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Dou you know that Instagram has become most popular after google and YouTube. Many social media users don’t know this fact that Instagram also has many versions. Users of Instagram often demand new and amazing features which a local version lacks. Today, my article is about this topic that which version of Instagram is much better and  has extraordinary features. The name of this Instagram version is Instagram Gold APK. This is official version and has all those qualities which a user normally demands. A normal version usually lacks qualities but this original version fulfils the needs and requirements of all users.

App Name Instagram Gold APK Android Version 4.3 and Above Version Latest Version App size 58.8MB Root Required Not Root Required Main Purpose Instgram Extra Features Last Updated 1 day ago

The users can install it from any search engine or browser.  You can also visit our website  and after your satisfaction by reading the whole description about this you can install it and use it. One thing you should remember about it that this is developed by third party person so you can download it on your own risk but this app version is totally safe and secure from viruses on our website.

Instagram Gold APK

It is an official version of social media application named Instagram and  It is most fast and reliable version of Instagram. It works like a messenger application and you can easily use it without any difficulty. It is a major platform and unique source of sharing ideas, opinions, emotions and your other information. You can engage with the different groups of different speech communities of the whole world. In short, this is social media app for you and your friends and other people for entertainment purpose.

What’s new in Instagram Gold APK?

You often find sometimes difficulty dealing with local version of Instagram but this new and latest official version is totally different from it. Its privacy policy is much better, account verification and registration procedure is safe and totally protected from hacking. You can use it in any manner according to your demand and needs. You can also login for multiple accounts by verification of your accounts. You can also gain updates and alerts about notification by using its cool privacy policy.

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Basic major features of Instagram Gold APK:

Hide and remove the useless posts

Hide and remove the useless posts

When you use this platform then some posts may be useless and irrelevant. With the help of this version you can hide and remove such useless posts and in this way you can save your time. This feature is most important for every busy person.

Option to translate every comment of any post

Option to translate every comment of any post

This is a global platform for different communities of different areas. When you watch the different posts of other people then sometimes you have to need to translate their community comments therefore you can do this and translate any comment by using this feature.

Ability to share any post or picture to anyone via link format

Ability to share any post or picture to anyone via link format

People often deeply analyze the information on this platform and they also give their review and feedback about specific post which they watch. Sometimes people also want that other should also watch and observe the information of post which they watch. So you can share such useful post and other memorable images by sharing the link of such posts to your friends and other people further, you can also share these links to other social media accounts like Facebook, and Whatsapp.

Secure your account and locked your profile for others

Secure your account and locked your profile for others

There is an amazing option available for people to protect their privacy of account. If you want that only specific people could watch your account information and profile then you can impose privacy and lock your account. This thing only shares your account information to your friends only. No one can open your account if he/she is not in your friend list.

Save your sensitive account information

When your create your account then this app saves your sensitive data and information from others which you can only see on your profile account and this privacy makes it most unique and extraordinary then others.

Save and Download your favorite videos and images from any post

Save and Download your favorite videos and images from any post

When you watch different videos and pictures of any post then there is an extra option is available to save and download any video and post in the watch history and you can watch it again later and even you can share it to anyone through Bluetooth mode.

Additional features of Instagram Gold APK

  • Automatically update your account information and bio for the best working process
  • Tally safe from malware & bugs and viruses and sensitive faults
  • Block and ignore unknown people from your account
  • You can also see the friend list of your account by its privacy
  • You can also remove and ignore sensitive comments of anyone from your posts
  • Many ways are available to share your thoughts and ideas with anyone on this platform
  • Share extra ideas and your expressions through emoji
  • Totally secure, fast and anti ban policy.
  • You can also delete all negative feedback and useless comments from your post easily

FAQs( Frequently asked Questions)

Can strange people steal my information from my account?

This app is made by third party person and your data and information is totally safe from others even no one can steal any information from your account because it secures your account from damaging and hacking. So the chance is impossible for everyone to steal your account data.

Can I use Instagram Gold APK without verification and registration?

Like other social media applications this account also needs basic information and your email and personal phone number for verification when your account verify then you can register yourself on it and then it allows you to use it otherwise without verification and registration it is impossible to use it.

Can I share my videos and images of Instagram to my friends through Bluetooth?

Many options are available for sharing posts to others but sometimes you can use some other ways for this purpose and this is Bluetooth and through this you can share everything from your account.


In conclusion, after above overall discussion  it has proved  that this is safe, fast and useful app and if you need further information and evidence about this version for your satisfaction then you can visit our website and view further.

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