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Instagram is a social media platform and now has become one of the most popular software application and with the passage of time many changes occurred in it. Now, it has number of versions. But here major problem is that how can we get the accurate information about original version of Instagram. Because now a number of versions of Instagram are available on different websites on search engine such as Google or Chrome. But today my article is to discuss the original and official version of Instagram and its name is Instagram Rocket IPA.

Instagram Rocket IPA for iOS

App NameInstagram Rocket IPA
File Size121.16MB
Main PurposeAdvanced Extra Features
Total Downloads34598

Many users will be confused about its name actually it is made by third party developers and it has all those features and functions which a normal or local version of Instagram lacks. The word rocket has added to its name to due to its extraordinary performance. That’s why it is called Instagram Rocket IPA. The some users will also confused about the word IPA, actually IPA is its version. Next, the basic purpose of my article is that if you really have interest about this new official version of Instagram then how can you download it. Then it is very easy you should go to any Browser or search where you can download it easily. If you have any more questions then you can also visit our website where after your satisfaction you can download it and use it easily.

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What is Instagram Rocket IPA?

Instagram Rocket IPA is new official and original version of Instagram social media platform. It works just like other versions of Instagram but it is made by third party developers so some of its features make it unique, extraordinary and totally different from others. This is global world wide social media platform where you can meet with people of different communities. The basic purpose of this version is to provide latest and new services to the users for entertainment an communication purpose.

Why is Instagram Rocket IPA different from other versions?

This app version is totally different from other versions due to its performance and functions further its developers has added some new and extra options and privacy policy which make this app version unique, fast and official. It has its own privacy setting and some hidden options for some users so that they could enjoy all these services of this app version.

Features of Instagram Rocket IPA for IOS

Watch several posts and share your opinions

This is a large social media platform where you can see the multiple posts on the basis of comedy, entertainment, music, images and sad videos. When you watch any post then you can also share your opinion both in positive and negative way to share your emotions.

Hide & ignore useless posts

When you watch several posts on this social media platform then some posts may be useless or time wasting for you so you can hide as well as ignore these posts by deleting them. In this way you can save your time, this is really good option for every user.

Comment and express your emotions by emoji & sticker on any post:

When you watch different posts then you can also share your one or more than one comment to such posts to express your feelings and additionally, you can also express your opinion by sending emoji or sticker according to the requirement and nature of post.

Ignore or block unknown account request

This is a social media platform where you can follow others and other can also follow others by sending you friend request but if you don’t know this person then you can ignore this request or even you can also block it easily.

Translate the comments of different languages

You can translate the comments of different languages to understand them and you can also give answer to such comments and can engage with different people of world. This is an extra option for users to enjoy this platform and other versions usually don’t have this option. Every user can use this service to translate comments into own native language and can understand them easily.

Login and logout option for multiple accounts

If you have more than one accounts then you can use all these your accounts by login and logout policy. In this way you can use any your account easily. Other versions don’t have this feature for multiple accounts.

Save favorite posts( images, videos) into your gallery

Many users when look any post which is useful for them they want to save these posts but other versions don’t provide this service. Instagram Rocket IPA provides this facility to their users so users cam download any post ( videos, image) and then you can automatically save it into your gallery. This is really good and useful facility for every user of this Instagram version. Like other Gold Instagram apk and OG Instagram and some advance feature.

Additional features of Instagram Rocket IPA

  • Follow anyone’s post and others can also follow you
  • Complete verification and registration process for activation of new accounts
  • Strong privacy policy and extra setting options for app working
  • Ability to hide online status from others
  • You can also share your story from others
  • You can also mention anyone on this platform under any post
  • Ability to tag your friend with your post
Instagram Rocket IPA

FAQs( Frequently asked questions)

Can I use Instagram Rocket IPA on laptop?

You can use your Instagram Rocket IPA om your laptop and for this purpose you need to scan your QR code of your account then you cam use it in your computer or laptop.

Can Instagram Rocket IPA damage my device?

This app version is made by third party developers and this app is completely safe from every kind of viruses and bugs. But remember that when you download it then due to some technical issues your may be damage so be careful about this fact.

Can I use Instagram Rocket IPA without verification and registration of my own personal number?

Like other versions of Instagram it requires your personal phone number and email account for your verification and registration and without this procedure you cannot run your account.


Instagram Rocket IPA is unique extraordinary version as compared to other versions of Instagram and you can also use it and its developers are trying to improve its functions and features for their users. It is an APK file and has all those facilities which a normal version of Instagram cannot provide to its users.

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