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JT Instagram APK is a new and an updated version of Instagram app. There are many versions of Instagram available for users. But here some things are important that which version is best among all. People have tired of old Instagram versions because they cannot find new updates in them and they want something new and according to their demand. Today my article is about solution of Instagram users. Everyone wants that there should be a new application which could work and have all features of Instagram. Now, guys I am sharing a new version of Instagram with everyone. This new version of Instagram is amazing and outstanding options for working. JT Instagram APK is full of amazing features and other latest options which users like. You can enjoy its services because it is officially approved and latest version of Instagram. It is developed and launched by Jim El Rezzi for Android and iOS users.

Information Description
Developer JT Instgram
Latest version v5.00
App size 71.9 MB
Android version Android 4.3 and up
Root required No
Features Downloading photos, videos and stories, viewing full-size profile picture, disabling read receipts, customization options for theme and layout, option to copy comments, and more
Security risks Using modified apps can potentially pose a security risk to your device and personal information. It’s recommended to only download apps from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Legal risks Using modified apps can be a violation of Instagram’s terms of service and may result in the suspension or termination of your Instagram account.
Support JT Instagram is not an official app and is not supported by Instagram. If you experience any issues with the app, you may not be able to get help or support from Instagram.

What is JT Instagram APK?

It is an official and amazing social media application as well as an APK file and original version of Instagram. It has ability to perform all functions of Instagram and offers some extra options for privacy. People want some different and unique services from Instagram and this version provides the users all those services and features which a normal & old version cannot provide. Here you can IGTV movies, reels, tales, posts and other’s stories. Even you can also hide your online status and may surprise your friends and other users. You can share your ideas and opinions with public on this platforms and people especially your dears can also follow and like your posts and videos.

How JT Instagram APK different in every aspect?

It is an APK file and officially approved version and made by third party developers. Its developers are continuously working to improve its functions and privacy. It has an additional privacy policy from there you can impose extra options to improve privacy and working. You can hide yourself from online mode and also hide view status of others. Further, you can use your more than two accounts by sign in and singn out policy. You can also get updates about public community and others in the form of notifications on this platform.

Features of JT Instagram APK

This Instagram version is actually an APK file and it has outstanding features which can amaze you. Here are some important features of this APK file. It is a third-party application that offers several services that Instagram users have been requesting for a long time but haven’t been implemented by the official platform. Some of the main features of JT Instagram include:

Amazing ghost mode

It has new amazing ghost mode option which you can apply and enjoy. This is surprising options for new Instagram users who are using this APK file for first time. You can share this feature with your friends and your friends may come on this platform and enjoy it.

Downloading Images and Videos

 With JTInstagram, users can easily download images and videos from Instagram to their smartphones. This feature allows users to save their favorite content directly to their device for offline viewing or sharing.

Story and Live Broadcast Privacy

It allows users to hide their stories and live broadcasts from specific people of their choice. This feature gives users more control over who can view their temporary stories and live streams, providing a higher level of privacy and selectivity.

Customizable Message Replies

 Users can configure the option to reply to messages according to their preferences. They can choose to allow replies from everyone, restrict replies to people they know, or disable all replies entirely. This feature enables users to manage their communication settings and tailor their messaging experience.

Share Option Control

 JTInstagram offers the ability to enable or disable the Share option for your content. If disabled, other users will not be able to share your posts on their profiles, providing you with greater control over the dissemination of your content.

Multiple Account Management

 JTInstagram allows users to manage and switch between multiple Instagram accounts within the app. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who manage personal and business accounts or have multiple Instagram profiles for different purposes.

Post Scheduling

 With JTInstagram, users can schedule their posts in advance. This feature allows users to plan and organize their content strategy by specifying the date and time for their posts to be automatically published on Instagram. It simplifies the process of maintaining a consistent posting schedule and can be particularly beneficial for businesses, influencers, and content creators.

Photo Editing to multiple accounts

It manages and provides built-in photo editing tools that allow users to enhance and modify their images before posting. Users can apply filters, adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, crop and rotate images, and add captions or text overlays. This feature eliminates the need for separate photo editing apps, streamlining the process of creating visually appealing posts.

Account Insights

It offers analytics and insights about user activity and engagement on Instagram. Users can track metrics such as follower growth, post reach, profile visits, and engagement rates. This data provides valuable insights into the performance of posts and helps users optimize their content strategy to increase engagement and reach.

Discover and Explore

This app version includes an enhanced Discover and Explore feature that enables users to discover new content and accounts based on their interests. It offers personalized recommendations, trending posts, and popular hashtags, allowing users to explore a wider range of content and connect with like-minded users.

Privacy and Security Enhancements:

It prioritizes user privacy and security by implementing additional security measures. It includes features such as two-factor authentication, password protection, and encryption to safeguard user accounts and data. These measures help prevent unauthorized access and ensure a safer Instagram experience.

 Is JTInstagram an official Instagram app?

This application version is an official Instagram app. It is a third-party application that offers additional features not available on the official Instagram platform.

How do I download images and videos using JTInstagram?

To download images and videos using JTInstagram, simply open the app, browse to the desired post, and use the download option provided within the app. This allows you to save the content directly to your smartphone for offline viewing or sharing.

Can I hide my Instagram stories and live broadcasts from specific people?

Yes, this Instagram APK version enables you to hide your stories and live broadcasts from specific individuals of your choice. You can customize your privacy settings within the app to control who can view your temporary stories and live streams.

Does JTInstagram display advertisements?

No, it does not display ads. It offers an ad-free experience, allowing users to browse and enjoy Instagram content without interruptions.

How does the ghost mode feature work?

Ghost mode allows you to hide your activity on Instagram. It prevents other users from seeing if you have viewed their stories, marks your messages as unread, and hides the “writing” status in direct messages.


In conclusion, the hypothetical JTInstagram app version offers a range of features that address some of the long-standing requests from the Instagram community. It provides functionalities such as downloading images and videos, hiding stories and live broadcasts, ghost mode for increased privacy, customizable message replies, and control over the Share option. Additionally, the app version is designed to provide an ad-free experience, ensuring uninterrupted browsing.

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