NGL MOD APK v2.3 (Premium/Unlocked All) for Android 2024

Ever wished you could speak your mind without a trace? Imagine a realm where curiosity thrives without revealing who you are. What if you could explore uncharted dialogues? Ready to discover a platform that whispers secrets, sparks conversations, and keeps identities concealed? Welcome to No Goodbye’s Land. Intrigued? The adventure awaits. NGL MOD APK is a revolutionary communication app, embodying the essence of its acronym, “Not Gonna Lie.” It is actually an official version of Instagram and available in the form of APK file. The Instagram users can enjoy its service and all the locked features are available on this platform. It is made by third party developers and all new and extraordinary functions are available on this social media platform. Your experience will be surprising after using it due to its brilliant and unique performance which left behind all the versions of Instagram.

What is NGL MOD APK?

No Goodbye’s Land (NGL) stands out as a dependable platform, offering a secure space for anonymous communication, making it particularly appealing for those who prioritize their privacy. Users can engage in chat, share multimedia content, and forge new connections without the need to disclose their identities, ensuring a discreet and confidential interaction. The application boasts a user-friendly and uncomplicated interface, promoting effortless communication. Its straightforward design makes it easy to navigate, appealing to a broad user base seeking seamless and private conversations. One of its notable strengths is its responsive performance—messages are sent and received promptly, enhancing the overall user experience. For those seeking a reliable means to send anonymous messages, NGL is the go-to app. Accessible on Android devices, it enables users to indulge in anonymous conversations with both friends and strangers, fostering an environment where open dialogues can thrive without the constraints of revealing personal information. It offers a compelling solution for those seeking secure and anonymous communication.

FollwerGir APK Latest Version

App NameNGL Mod APK
File Size40.51
Main PurposeAdvanced Feature
Total Downloads54678

What’s New in NGL MOD APK?

NGL, or “Not Gonna Lie,” presents an exceptional avenue for limitless questioning at one’s convenience. Particularly beneficial for social media influencers, this app offers a dynamic platform to gain insights into the thoughts and opinions of their followers. The versatility of NGL lies in its capacity to allow users to pose a wide array of questions, ranging from understanding their fan base to gauging public perception. Influencers can probe their audience to uncover who admires their content or delve into what others genuinely think about them. This app is a reservoir of opportunities, providing the freedom to inquire about any topic at any given moment. Especially valuable for businesses, it opens the door to relevant inquiries about the company and brand perception, allowing for a more informed understanding of audience perspectives. NGL emerges as a powerful tool for engagement, enabling seamless interaction and garnering valuable feedback across diverse domains.

Features of NGL MOD APK:

Anonymous Q&A

No Goodbye’s Land (NGL) is a remarkable platform that facilitates anonymous question-and-answer interactions. Users have the freedom to ask and answer questions without the fear of judgment or exposure of personal details. This anonymous environment promotes open and honest communication, allowing users to express themselves authentically.

Limitless Topics:

NGL Premium APK offers a vast array of communication possibilities without restricting conversations to specific categories. Users can ask questions and seek feedback on a wide range of topics, encouraging diverse interactions between individuals with varying interests and backgrounds. This unrestricted approach promotes engaging and varied discussions.

Civil and Respectful Discussions:

The NGL app places a strong emphasis on maintaining a civil and respectful atmosphere within its community. It ensures that discussions remain courteous, creating a safe space for users to share their thoughts and ideas without fear of facing hostility or mockery.

Data Privacy:

NGL prioritizes user privacy and data protection. The application employs stringent security measures to safeguard user data and maintain confidentiality throughout their interactions on the platform. This commitment to data privacy helps users feel secure and confident in engaging with the app.


User-Controlled Content

The NGL app empowers users by granting them control over their content and online presence. Users have the ability to manage their content by easily deleting questions, answers, or even their entire account with a simple click. This feature ensures that users can curate their interactions and maintain the level of privacy they desire.

Notification Control:

The NGL Premium MOD APK offers a feature called “Notification Control,” providing users with the ability to personalize their notification settings within the application. This feature significantly enhances the user experience by putting the users in charge of managing the frequency and types of notifications they receive from the app.

Customized Notifications:

Users can customize their notification preferences based on their preferences and needs. This means they have the option to tailor which specific types of notifications they wish to receive, ensuring a more personalized and relevant notification experience.

Frequency Management:

Notification Control enables users to manage the frequency of notifications they receive. Users can choose how often they want to be notified, allowing them to strike the right balance between staying informed and not feeling overwhelmed by an excessive number of notifications.

Selective Notification Choices:

With this feature, users have the liberty to decide which notifications they want to receive and which ones they prefer to turn off. This selective approach to notifications grants users better control over their app experience, ensuring that they only receive notifications that matter to them.

Enhanced Convenience:

By having control over their notifications, users experience greater convenience in managing their interactions with the app. They can streamline their notifications to align with their preferences and daily routines, enhancing their overall app usage experience.

Improved Organization:

The ability to choose and manage notifications ensures improved organization within the app. Users can categorize and prioritize their notifications, making it easier to stay informed about the aspects of the app that matter most to them.

FAQS (Frequently asked questions)

Can I use NGL Premium APK without an Instagram account?

Absolutely, you can utilize NGL Premium APK independently without needing an Instagram account. Unlike many platforms that often require social media integration, NGL functions as a standalone application. Users have the freedom to create and share stories on NGL without any mandatory association with Instagram or any other social media platform.

 Are there any limitations to NGL MOD APK?

While NGL MOD APK offers a platform for sharing stories and engaging with responses anonymously, it’s important to recognize that content moderation algorithms, although in place, might not detect every instance of harmful language or bullying. Users are advised to exercise caution and discretion while using the platform, and if they come across concerning content, they should promptly report it to NGL’s support team for appropriate action.

Can I delete my NGL story or responses?

Yes, the NGL app provides users with the capability to manage their content. If a user decides to remove their stories or individual responses, they have the freedom to do so. This feature gives users control over the content they share on the platform, allowing them to curate their stories and responses according to their preferences and needs. Users can ensure that their content remains in line with their desired level of privacy and engagement.


In conclusion, NGL MOD APK offers a unique and privacy-centric platform for anonymous communication. Users can freely share stories and engage without the need for an Instagram account, ensuring independent use. While it empowers users to control their content, it’s essential to exercise caution as content moderation may not catch all inappropriate language. Nevertheless, NGL MOD APK stands as a versatile tool, allowing individuals to manage their narratives and engage in open, anonymous discussions in a secure environment.

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