Instander APK latest Version 2024 with Extra Feature

Instander is an APK app and modified Instagram application. It allows you to enjoy new and additional features which any version needs for best working. It is considered as an insta modified app and with the help of it you can enjoy best experience of your social media platform and especially designed for Instagram users to get access to locked features which you can run on your any Android device.

What is Instander?

It is original app and an APK file works for better performance of your Instagram social media platform. With the help of it you can download any content of different social media posts quickly. You can now remove irrelevant ads by it very easily. If your account is banned or out of use then you can deactivate your previous account or recover it with the help of this APK app’s service. The users can also eliminate useless data and content from account very accurately. It protects your information from any sudden issue about your device and further if your account is recovered the users can easily back up and store previous data and information. It is applicable to any smart phone including any Android phone.

Additional information

APK Name Instander
Category Social
Features Unlocked
Size 4Mbs
Current Version v9.5
Downloads 432414
Requirement Android v4.1 or Up
Price Free
Updated Date Today

Major features of app:

Unique media quality:

This app has ability to improve the media quality of your social media platform and you can enjoy it more for entertainment purpose. The users can upload their videos and images in maximum quality. You can free from this issue of image quality.

Anti-ban policy:

This APK app is completely safe and you can use it in any way. This is completely safe from several kinds of viruses and bugs. If you have any query about the app then you can visit our website and after clearing your doubts and complete satisfaction you can install it and use it.

Secret story view:

Users now enjoy this service on their Instagram social media platform and they can now view any story and hide the status of view. You can also impose some other options for better performance of your social media app. You can watch maximum number of stories and hide all these stories easily.

Option for new notification:

User can imply this option and can get update about new notifications and can save their time. Additionally, if you are busy then you can watch these notifications as a bird’s eye view.

Set password and fingerprint:

If you have personal information and you don’t want to share to anyone then you can set your own password according to your choice and you can also impose your finger print and make your app safe and secure from anyone. With the help of this app service now you can set digit or other password.

Option to watch list of close friends:

If you are confused about this thing that how many your friends so this app allows you to watch your friend’s list and can make further option to set different lists of you close and other friends.

Extra features:

  • Instander hide stories from others
  • Ability to reply messages
  • Archive any specific post
  • Share any post via link to other platforms
  • No ads & advertisements
  • Huge search content
  • New ghost mode option
  • Smart gestures and emoji
  • Discover new people and make friends

FAQs( Frequently asked questions)

Is Instander fake?

This app is made by third party developers and due to an APK version it is officially approved and original app which is used to improve the working and performance of your Instagram social media platform. It is available on our website you can visit and directly download it.

Can I download it on IOS?

This is available for Android devices and other smart phones but you cannot use it on IOS. But its developers are trying to launch it on IOS and in future you will be able to use it but currently this service is unavailable.

Is Instander safe for my device?

This app is originally an APK file and it is completely safe for downloading but one thing you should remember about this fact that sometimes during downloading your device may be damaged so it is your choice because it is not fault of this app.

Can I use it in banned country by using VPN?

This is app is available in most of countries but if it is banned in your country then you can download it by using VPN but in this way you can also face some other troubles because without verification and registration it cannot be used. Therefore, it is difficult for you to install and use it if you live in any area where it is not available.

How to Install

Follow the images to Install the Instander APK


This app is most useful for every user of Instagram because if your app is not working properly then you can take its help and remove your faults. It has become one of fast growing app and its users are increasing very fastly due to its good service and you should also use it for better experience and if you have any other question related to this app then visit our website and read more about it.

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