“Boost Your Instagram Following in 2024: Get the Latest Igtools APK for Android and Skyrocket Your Instagram Followers

Igtools is an APK file and if you are Instagram user then you can increase your followers with the help of it in less time. If users want to improve the progress of Instagram account then they should use this APK application. Now-a-days competition is much huge and it is very difficult for everyone to maximize the number of followers but you can now rise the followers, comments and likes by it. This is actually a modified and original software tool app which is especially for Instagram users. It is made by third party developers so you can download it from our website. Every kind of android device is useful for it and it doesn’t work on IOS.

Details and Requirements of Igtools APK?

APK Name


Category Social
Features Unlocked
Size 4.8 Mb
Current Version v9.5
Downloads 32490
Requirement Android v4.1 or Up
Price Free
Updated Date Today

Igtools APK Latest Version

App NameIgtools APK
File Size4.81
Main PurposeIncrease your followers
Total Downloads3564

What is Igtools APK?

It is unique modified tool for Instagram, that you can use on your Android devices, you can use it free of cost and its premium services are also available which you can utilize by spending coins. If you have no amount to buy coins then you can rise your followers by sharing comments and likes and then in this way you can collect coins and use its premium services. The users may rise the popularity of their social media accounts by using its service. Its service is also useful for those users who use multiple accounts at a time.

Basic Key features of IGTools APK

No Ads & Advertisements

No Ads & advertisements

There is no ads & advertisements and users can use it according to their requirements. Many other apps have issues that there are many ads while during using them but this APK app is completely secure from every kind of advertisements. So that users may get good and unique results after using it in less time.

Secure and Safe App

Secure and Safe App

It is an APK version and modified as well as officially approved. This is made by third party developers so it is completely safe for users so users can use it in their Android devices easily. There are very less chance of viruses that may cause any issue.

Recover and Backup Your Account Information

Recover and Backup Your Account Information

If your Instagram account has been locked due to some technical issues and you want to reactivate and use again your account then you can also recover your data by using this APK tool app. But you need your personal number and email for verification then it is possible otherwise not.

Ability to Separate Friend List

Ability to Separate Friend List

This tool helps the users to separate close friends and others by making different lists and make separate portion for them. The people may also use this option for marketing advertisement and business purposes.

Set password and lock your Instagram

Set password and lock your Instagram

If you are worry that someone may watch your personal account information by searching your activity then you can set a specific password and lock your account easily. This option has developed by Igtools APK developers for better experience of users.

Additional features

Some of the features that similar apps may offer include:

  • Automated liking and commenting on posts
  • Automated following and unfollowing of other users
  • Generation of fake followers or likes


Is Igtools fake APK app?

This is an APK file and made by third party developers. It is genuine tool app and maximize your Instagram followers. It is not fake app and it is available on our website you can visit and download it and use it.

Can I use it on IOS?

This app is made for Android devices and it cannot be used for IOS however, its developers are trying to improve its working and functions. In future, it may be possible that this APK app will work on IOS.

Can I use multiple accounts for my Instagram?

If you have verified two or more Instagram accounts then this tool APK app helps you a lot to use multiple accounts very accurately. But if have no verified accounts then you cannot use it for multiple accounts.

Is this APK tool app free of viruses?

This app is completely safe from every kind of malwares, bugs and viruses. But here you should remember one fact that this is made by third party so during downloading your device may be damaged due to some other technical issues so be aware and always use good Android device.


This APK app is most reliable for all kinds of Instagram users and every user may use it according to requirements. But if you have any query about any point of this app then you can visit our website and read the whole article and after satisfaction you can download and use it.

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