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InstPro APK is an official version and a popular social media platform for users, it is made by third party person so you can install it from our website and some of its functions and features are totally different a normal or local version. It has its own additional setting and some extraordinary features which make it unique and totally different from other versions. It provides you all those features which other versions lack. Like other app versions, the basic purpose of this app is to provide entertainment to its users.

InstaPro APK Latest Version

App NameInstaPro APK
File Size74.44
Main PurposeAdvanced Feature
Total Downloads63574

According to the demands and requirements of users its developers are improving its privacy policy and some other functions. This is totally cost free app for Android and iPhone users. Now you can directly download it without any difficulty from our website easily. It is officially register app version and legal for use. It works after your registration and verification of your personal information and email account. You can share your videos, images, and follow others on this platform and can communicate with different communities of world. Some other instagram mod is Gb insagram apk, lite instagram and instagram plus may you like.

App Name Instapro APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
App size 61.7MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Consume less data
Last Updated 1 day ago

Basic features of InstPro APK:

Download videos and images from any post

Download videos and images from any post

When you see different posts(videos, images) on this platform then it allows you another service here, you can directly download any video, images during watching and can store them into your gallery. Many other versions lack this feature but it provides this functions for its users.

Take screenshots of any post and stories

Take screenshots of any post and stories

This app version has developed a new option for users now they can take screenshot of any post by pressing it and even they can also take screenshot of any story which appears on their Instagram account. This is really dandy and amazing service by its developers.

Premium service for special users

Premium service for special users

This app version provides a new and annual premium special service to some users. Actually, some users want to get over all annually report about their account and their history of posts and friends requests and other details. This app has introduced a new policy for users, any user can get this premium service and enjoy it and the procedure for this premium is that you have to pay some amount annually then you can become the member of this premium annual service.

Tag many friends one the single post

Tag many friends one the single post

If you have to attend a special event or friend’s party then you can post your video or images on your account and you can tag many friends on this post and in this way all friends can watch their images on their accounts. This is really nice feature for multiple community.

Ability to view private accounts without following them

Ability to view private accounts without following them

This is an extra option available and you can use it and create your own personal privacy policy and can enjoy it. You can add your specific friends and add them for this privacy and only they can watch them and it is considered as a private folder account and you can also watch your friends posts without following them.

Additional features

  • No Ads and you can watch anyone’s profile by using zoom option
  • Ability to login and logout for multiple accounts at a time
  • Option for watching schedule posts
  • Hide your online status and hide view status
  • Pin any special post
  • Share your favorite stories with your followers
  • Option to block fake accounts
  • You can edit and post different videos
  • Hide or ignore useless or irrelevant posts
  • Fast, quick and safe service

FAQs( Frequently asked questions)

Why do users like it?

Its service and functions are totally different from others and it is an APK file. Users use it according to their desires and requirements. Therefore, people like it and its users are now in millions in the whole world.

Can this version damage my device?

This app version is made by third party developer and it is completely secure and safe for you but during downloading any issue related to your device may damage your device. So it is on you which kind of device you are using.

Can I use multiple accounts on this app version

There is an option available you can use you multiple accounts on it but for this procedure you have to use your two or more personal numbers or email accounts and with the help of login and logout policy you can use it and enjoy service.

Can I use it illegally without registration and verification

Like other versions, you cannot use it without verification and registration because its privacy is much strong and trustable and you can only use it by your personal verification of information about your email and other.

Is this app version cost free

This app version is cost free and it is available on our website you can directly download it from our website and enjoy its service and its developers are continuously try to improve its performance and functions. Therefore, anyone can enjoy and use it easily.


InstPro APK is most popular and extraordinary version now among the users in the whole world and its services are really appreciable and its users are increasing rapidly so it has become an amazing social media platform for entertainment purpose. If you need some other information about this app version you can visit our website and clear you all doubts and facts.

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